Martina Sciolino, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of English

I'm interested in interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary literature, connecting the study of literature to community service, and thinking about the relationship between activism and aesthetics. My teaching and research explores synergies between environmental literacy and contemporary literatures as well as the impact of globalization on world literature written in English. The American Novel since 1945 has been an interest of mine since I was an undergraduate (that is, for 32 years as of this writing), and I helped create the Women's Studies minor in 1990. I work with the Honors College, the Office of Community and Civic Engagement and the Office of Sustainability.

In progress. Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis and the Race for Currency: The Contemporary American Novel as World Literature. (For submission, March 2013. 30 pages).

Forthcoming. The Neo-Liberal Sublime: Post-Fordist Territory in Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis. (Proceedings of the Don Delillo Society.)

Co-editor. The Southern Quarterly. Summer 2007.

“The ‘Mutilating Body’ and the Decomposing Text: Recovery in Kathy Acker’s Great Expectations.” Textual Bodies. Ed. Lori Hope Lefkovitz. SUNY Press, 1997.

“Objects of the Postmodern ‘Masters’: Subject-in-Simulation, Woman-in-Effect.”
Men Writing As/Through the Feminine. Ed. Thais Morgan. Rutgers UP 1995.

“Kathy Acker and the Postmodern Subject of Feminism.” College English April 1990.

"Confessions of a Kleptoparasite.” The Review of Contemporary Fiction Fall 1989.

“Woman as Object of Exchange in Dicken’s Great Expectations and Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. Mississippi Review Spring 1989.

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“Mourning and the Forms of Postmodern Fiction in Europe.” Postmodern Fiction: A
Bibliographical Guide. Ed. Larry McCaffrey. Greenwood Press 1986.

“Penetrating Upon Appleton House.” New Orleans Review Fall/Winter 1984.


Panel Chairing and Workshop Participation

Chair. Don Delillo Panel. Louisville Conference on Literature. Spring 2013

Chair. Sustainable Culture Studies: Pedagogy, Poetry, and Criticism. Mississippi Philological Association. Spring 2013

Co-Presenter. Sustainable Culture and the Engaged Humanities in the Composition Classroom. MPA. Spring 2013

Co-Presenter. Departmental Workshops for Graduate Teachers. Fall 2012

Participant. NEH Meaning of Service Workshop. Jackson. Fall 2012

Organizer. Graduate Presentations on Ecocriticism, English Student-Faculty Research Symposium. 2008

Presentor. Best Practices in Service Learning Assessment. Delta State University. Fall 2004

Co-Presenter. Introductory Workshop on ACSL. USM. Spring 2004

Co-Presenter. Introductory Workshop on ACSL, USM. Fall 2003

Faculty Seminar in Academic Community Service Learning, USM. Spring 2003

Panel Chair. Autobiography and Mental Illness. South Central Modern Language Association. November 2003

Co-Chair. Contemporary British Women Writers. National Women’s Studies Association. New Orleans, June 2003

Moderator. Violence in African American Literature. Mississippi Philological Association. Gulfport, January 2002

Chair. Feminism and Postmodernism: Writing Beyond Desire. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. 1992

Chair. Literary Dis/positions: the Subject in/of Cultural Studies. North Eastern Modern Language Association. 1990

Chair. Detective Fiction and Critical Theories. NEMLA 1989

Chair. Women’s Experimental Fiction. NEMLA 1988

Papers Presented

Jihad v. McWorld:’ Uncoding the Wounded Driver in Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. Boulder. Fall 2012.

Don Delillo. Postmodern Narrative and Automobility. English Student-Faculty Research Symposium. USM. Spring 2012.

Cosmopolis and the NeoLiberal Sublime. Don Delillo Society Convention. College of Mount St. Vincent. Spring 2012.

The Teachings of Don Juan: Generic Narrative, Postmodern Belief and Cosmopolitan Practice. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Atlanta. Fall 2011.

The Death of Mothers: Shamanic Violence in Eudora Welty's Delta Wedding. American Literature Assocation, Boston. Spring 2011.

Mental Illness Autobiography and Metafiction. English Student-Faculty Research Symposium. USM. Fall 2008.

Mental Illness Memoir and the Poetics of Purpose: Meri Nana-Ama Danquah’s Willow Weep for Me. Midwestern Modern Language Association. Cleveland. November 2007.

Mental Illness Memoir as Literary Performance: Enmeshment in Lauren Slater’s Lying. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. 2004.

Understanding “Dis Poem:” A Black Atlantic Website. National Council Teachers of English. Atlanta. November 2002.

Developing Websites for Teaching Poetry. Mississippi College Teachers of English. Jackson. October 2002.

All the Lies: Postmodern Memoir and Mental Illness in Lauren Slater’s Lying. South Central Modern Language Association. October 2002.

Walking in Their Sleep: Resistance and Containment in Eudora Welty’s ‘A Worn Path.’ International Conference on the Short Story in English. New Orleans, June 2002.

Marge Piercy and Three Postmodernisms. University of South Alabama. April 1994.

Gender and Subjectivities in the Postmodern Short Story. International Conference on the Short Story in English, June 1994.

The Gaze of the Romantic Ballet and Modernist Activities. University of California at Riverside, March 1991.

Great Expectations: Plagiarizing Desire. Louisville Conference on 20th Century Literature. February 1991.

Graham, Modernism, Nationalism, Feminism. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. 1990.

Martha Graham’s Aesthetics. International Association of Philosophy and Literature. 1990.

Kathy Acker’s Writing Beyond Desire. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. 1989.

Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Nabokov’s Synthesis. Modern Language Association, 1986.

Woman as Object of Exchange in Dickens and Faulkner. South Atlantic Modern Language Association. 1988.

Revising Borderlines. Feminism and Formalism in Fanny Howe’s Holy Smoke. NEMLA 1987.