The MIDAS Program

The University of Southern Mississippi Research Supplement Program Guidelines Model for Incentive Dollars for Augmenting Salaries (MIDAS)

Program objectives:

  • To increase the resources available to the University community.
  • To offer salary supplements to those full-time tenured and tenure track faculty paid from educational and general (E&G) funded positions for recognition of their efforts in attracting and managing contract and grant support for the University’s mission of training, research, and service.
  •  To increase contract and grant-based activity.
  •  To recognize outstanding performance.


  •  MIDAS is available to full-time tenured and tenure track faculty whose base salary is paid from Education and General (E&G) funds.
  •  Faculty must have approval in writing by the chair, the dean, and the provost for compliance both with the guidelines of this policy and in consideration of departmental and college needs.
  •  Salary support for MIDAS consideration must be derived from competitively funded extramural grants or contracts. Funds from direct federal appropriations or Congressionally directed funds will not apply.
  •  The maximum MIDAS award will be limited to $15,000 per fiscal year.
  •  All grants and contracts on which the MIDAS award recipient is paid or is responsible for must be in good standing with respect to compliance, budget and reporting as determined by the Vice President for Research.
  • The program is available during the fall and spring terms.


  •  The academic salary amount before the supplement will remain the base salary for calculations of official University increases and for salary release budgeted in future grant and contract proposals.
  •  To qualify for the supplement, the faculty must recover at least 25% of his or her salary.
  •  If the released dollars are less than 100%, the supplement will be based on the pro-rata share. For example, if the employee obtains 25% release time, the supplement will be 10%; if 50% release time, the supplement will be 20%; and if 100% release time, the supplement will be 30% with all integral percentages calculated on a pro-rata share of these supplement rates. In all instances the maximum MIDAS award will be limited to $15,000 per fiscal year.
  • The salary supplement will be dependent on the availability of the funds from the contract and grant and no guarantee that the supplement will be carried forward from fiscal year to fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) is provided other than what is provided for in the contract or grant term.
  •  There will be no entitlement to continuation of the supplement.
  • All requests for salary supplement must be approved in writing in advance by the individual’s chair and dean for compliance with contract or grant and academic requirements for the college.