Mohammad Rahman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Construction

My research follows two directions: (i) supply chain modeling and (ii) freight, logistics and transportation modeling. My research in supply chain modeling includes dynamic forecasting, analysis of trade trend and economic growth, production and supplier systems, global supply chain, humanitarian supply chain and decision-making models under uncertainty. My research in freight, logistics and transportation modeling includes routing of hazardous material, safety and sustainability of transportation model, green transportation and intermodal freight transportation. In supply chain uncertainty problems I used various stochastic models and Bayesian techniques to find the optimum solutions. I plan to continue working on stochastic process models, and merge into large-scale combinatorial optimization problems.

I accomplished the followings in my research:
§Authored 8 journal articles,
§Authored 2 book chapters (1 is published and 1 is in final stage of publication),
§Presented research results in more than 30 national and international conferences and meetings,
§Among those, 15 papers include student authors from both graduate and undergraduate level,
§Supervised a doctoral student's research,
§Directed 8 undergraduate capstone projects,

Participated researches funded by state and federal agencies,
§Agency: Mississippi Department of Education. Title: Intermodal Transportation Curriculum for Secondary Education – A Pilot Study
Agency: US Department of Transportation. Title: A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security and Environmental Routing Tool

Submitted several grant proposals (approved in pre-proposal stage).