Morgan Teel - 2013 Fall Eagle SPUR Recipient


Mentor:Elizabeth Lentz
Major:Dance Performance & Choreography
Project:Dance for Film

Hattie Dance Film Project consisted of creative research in dance filmmaking, in particular, the relationships between an audience and a dance film and how it contrasts to concert dance. Morgan Teel spent one month choreographing with her dancers, Matumbe Himmons and Suanne Messer. The dance was filmed in an alley in downtown Hattiesburg. After Teel filmed the dance, one month was spent editing the film. An audience can engage with dance in different ways with film. They can visualize the freckles on a face, the multi-colored bricks on a wall, or the embrace of a hug from angles and distances that concert dance cannot always access. Teel's research was spent creating these moments of distance and intimacy for an audience through her film, "Epicenter." The result of the creative research was a dance film showing of both "Epicenter" and her first film, "Dalet," as well as a post-show Q&A about dance filmmaking. Audience members were able to ask questions of Teel and her dancers about the process and research. Since then, Teel's dance film, "Epicenter," has premiered in an art gallery exhibition in Indiana, a theatre lab in New York, and is proposed to premiere in Texas in December as part of the Sling Dance Project in Austin. Teel's dance film research was well-received by VideoFocus, an online magazine publication, and an interview about the creative research of "Epicenter" is to be published in November 2014. 


Click here for a short clip from the video.