Posters in the Rotunda


Posters in the Rotunda 


The third annual Posters in the Rotunda will be held in the State Capitol in Jackson during the morning of Tuesday, March 20.  Undergraduate from the eight public universities across Mississippi will be sharing their scholarly projects with legislators and the public.  The event showcases the contributions that undergraduates are making to the state, especially in the areas of health care, business, agriculture, and social services.  


Those students from Southern Miss are encouraged to apply.  The materials to be submitted include a short cover letter, project abstract, and mentor recommendation.  All documents are due by 5 pm on March 5, and should be sent to  Please call 6-5997 if you have any questions.


Student Application

Mentor Recommendation Form


If you would like to visit the event webpage, please click here.  Please note that applications are NOT to be submitted through its portal.