Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

At The University of Southern Mississippi, our commitment to integrity in research and scholarship includes a commitment to the humane care and use of research animals. Anyone who has specific concerns about the treatment of research animals or the noncompliant use of research animals at Southern Miss should report these concerns to the Director of the Office of Research Integrity.

How Do I Report a Concern?

Concerns may be reported anonymously, by mail, email, or phone, to the Director of the Office of Research Integrity, who is also available for confidential consultation. The information provided should be as specific as possible with regard to the date, time, species involved, individual animal identification numbers, and names of the relevant University personnel. Provide your contact information if you would like to be informed of the result of our investigation. 

Individuals who report sub-standard or noncompliant care and use will be protected against discrimination and reprisal in accordance with federal regulations and the Animal Welfare Act.

Samuel Bruton, Director of the Office of Research Integrity

What Will Happen Next?

In consultation with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Director will determine whether the allegations warrant a formal investigation.  If warranted, the investigation will be carried out either by the IACUC or some portion of its membership. The investigating body will relay verified concerns to the Vice Provost for Research, who will be responsible for acting on these concerns. If appropriate, the investigating committee’s findings will also be given to the USDA, OLAW, and/or other relevant oversight bodies.