Sabine Heinhorst, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

In collaboration with Vice Provost for Research, Dr. Gordon Cannon, my research focuses on polyhedral inclusions in bacteria that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to organic cell material. These inclusions, called carboxysomes, resemble viruses at first glance but do not contain genetic material. They consist of a thin polyhedral protein shell that encloses the protein enzyme that turns CO2 into organic molecules. We are interested in learning how the structure of the carboxysome is linked to its function, and how this structure self-assembles from its individual protein components. Possible future applications of our research are the development of "designer" carboxysomes that deliver contents (e.g. drugs) to target destinations or are able to synthesize specific chemicals of interest.
Many undergraduates have contributed to our research throughout the years. Projects in the lab have largely been multidisciplinary in experimental approaches, ranging from cloning and recombinant protein expression and purification to studies of physical interactions between carboxysome proteins and enzyme activity assays. Several undergraduate students have also chosen gene annotation projects that provide the most flexibility of scheduling the mostly online activities.

(Shown are publications since 2006)

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