Scott Milroy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Division of Marine Science

1) Replication of Martian environmental conditions to explore efficacy of growing algae on the surface of Mars. Topics/skills include: algal culture, exotic growth media chemistry, UV and visible radiation effects on photosynthesis and algal growth, effects of low atmospheric pressure on cell survival

2) Mathematical/computer models of coastal ecosystems and complex food-web connections among multiple marine species from multiple guilds, to inform coastal conservation/restoration decisions (e.g. oyster reef function and restoration; oyster and artificial reef function and restoration, seagrass restoration, soft-bottom communities, etc.) Topics/skills include: computer programming, statistics, mathematics, data visualization (GIS), biogeochemical cycling, hydrologic optics

3) Toxicity and fate of crude oil release related to Deepwater Horizon and its effects on the structure/function of coastal food webs. Topics/skills include: toxicity assessments within biota, mathematics, microbial remediation of petrochemical toxins, vertebrate and invertebrate bioconversion of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants