Song Guo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

My group studies the morphology-structure-property correlations in organic electronic material, in particular, photovoltaic polymer materials, at the molecular level. The performances of organic electronic devices are strongly influenced by the domain morphology, molecular packing within and between domains, and the conformational structures of the polymer molecules. A deep understanding of the structure-conformation-property relationships at the scale of single molecule level is imperative for the future fulfillments of the idea of rational molecular design. The undergraduate students will probe the monolayer of donor/acceptor polymer blend using a combination of conductive AFM and single molecule spectroscopy. The topographic images and the photocurrent images under various lighting conditions will be recorded and mapped together to provide new insights into the impact of molecular packing o! n the local photovoltaic performance of the polymer donor/acceptor blend.

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