URC Representatives

(As of May 2016. Terms run from August through July.)


Jorge Brown, University Libraries (Jorge.Brown@usm.edu) 2015-18 (2nd term)

Janie Butts, CON (Janie.Butts@usm.edu) 2015-18

Brian J. Collins, COB (Brian.Collins@usm.edu) 2015-18

Carol Connell, COH (Carol.Connell@usm.edu) 2013-16

Melanie Gilmore, CON (Melanie.Gilmore@usm.edu) 2015-18

Trent Gould, COH  (Trent.Gould@usm.edu) 2014-17 (2nd term)

Max Grivno, Faculty Senate Representative, (Max.Grivno@usm.edu) 2015-2016

Michael Madson, COEP (Michael.Madson@usm.edu) 2015-18

Chad Miller, COB (Chad.Miller@usm.edu) 2015-18

Carl (Andy) Reese, COST (Andy.Reese@usm.edu) 2015-18

Douglas Rust, COAL (Douglas.Rust@usm.edu) 2013-16

Jacob (Jake) Schaefer, COST (Jake.Schaefer@usm.edu) 2015-18

Joyce Shaw, University Libraries (Joyce.Shaw@usm.edu) 2015-18 (2nd term)

Steven Venette, COAL (Steven.Venette@usm.edu) 2014-2017

Teresa Welsh, COEP (Teresa.Welsh@usm.edu) 2013-16, Chair 2015-16


Sam Bruton, Office of Research Integrity (Samuel.Bruton@usm.edu)

Gordon Cannon, Vice President for Research  (Gordon.Cannon@usm.edu)

Marcia Landen, Office of Research Administration  (Marcia.Landen@usm.edu)

Syd Conner, Office of Research Administration (syd.Conner@usm.edu)

Shelia Johnson, Office of Research Administration (Shelia.Johnson@usm.edu)