Eagle Alert: Enrollment Instructions

Sign up

  1. To access the Eagle Alert Dashboard, access the secure Web site.
  2. Enter your Student or Empl ID: w________
  3. Enter your CampusID (SOAR) password: 
    The Dashboard is a private and secure Web page where you can update and maintain your contact information as well as review all text alerts, voice messages and e-mails sent via Eagle Alert. 
  4. Enter Your Contact Information
    Cell phones provide the most effective means by which Southern Miss can contact you in the event of an emergency. Please include all contact information that would apply to communicating with you in an emergency. Depending on your cellular provider and plan, small charges may apply to text messages. While it is strongly recommended that you provide at least one phone number (cell phone is recommended) for Eagle Alert, students, faculty and staff can opt-out of the personal phone and text message portion of the service. Although you may opt-out of those portions of the service, participation by campus email and phone, if applicable, is required.