Administrative Internship for M.Ed. - Building Level - Educational Administration


EDA 636





            The building level (principal) internship is a four-semester experience designed to provide practical experience in the duties and activities of a school principal.  It is supervised by The University of Southern Mississippi, College of Education and Psychology Educational Field Experiences’ office. The core of the internship experience is tailored to the competencies of the Mississippi Blue Ribbon Redesign requirements and to the national ELCC standards. The ultimate goal of the administrator preparation program is to produce exceptional leaders for the schools of the nation. Throughout the internship graduate students will have the opportunity to apply the theories, procedures, and skills learned in the classroom and practicum phases of the program to real situations.  Among the elements needed to guarantee the success of the internship are:  careful selection of mentors, school district officials who are willing to commit time and effort to the program, and University personnel who work to coordinate the practice with the core classes of the program. The collaboration of these three parties is critical for the success of the internship. Since the internship experience offers a full range of school experiences, it is imperative that the intern begins his/her work with the site supervisor one to two weeks preceding the opening and following the closing of the school.



            The internship creates an authentic opportunity for aspiring principals to observe, participate and lead, under the guidance of experienced and trained school leaders and university faculty: 1) mastery of the knowledge and skills to change schools and classrooms, and 2) effective application of such skills to accelerate student achievement.

            Persons seeking a Master's of Education degree in Educational Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi are required to complete an internship.  As a complement to the integrated-academic and practical-curriculum, the prospective administrator will be involved in an intensive internship designed as the primary content application feature in the administrative preparation program.