Cohort Ph.D. - District Level

The Doctorate of Education Degree (Ph.D.) in Educational Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi is offered either in a Cohort Delivery Format or a Traditional Delivery Format.  Both formats require the same courses and are offered at both the Building Level and the District Level .  The Doctorate in Educational Administration  prepares graduate students to become leaders  who can bring about  change in P-12 schools through an understanding and application of communication skills, team building, supervision, and educational research.  The Ph.D.  requires  a total of 54 to 69 hours of coursework beyond the Master’s degree.  Each candidate must maintain a 3.5 minimal GPA, pass comprehensive exams, complete 12 hours of research tools, and successfully defend a dissertation.

The Plan of Study (Ph.D.) for the District Level requires the following courses:
                  Required Foundation Courses:
                  EDA 701    Analysis of Teaching Behavior
                  EDA 720    Advanced Curriculum Development
                  EDA 738    Practicum in Supervision
                  EDA 742    Consensus Decision-Making in Education
                  EDA 755    The Superintendency
                  EDA 800    Seminar: Theories in Ed. Organiz. & Admin.

                  Required Electives:
                  EDA 700    Public School Finance
                  EDA 702    Administrative Approaches to Technology
                  EDA 704    School Community Relations
                  EDA 708    Developing and Managing Human Resources
                  EDA 710    School Law
                  Required Research Tools:
                  REF 761     Experimental Design (Prerequisite = REF 602)
                  REF 762     Advanced Regression Analysis (Prerequisite = REF 761)
                  REF 893     Advanced Educational Research
                  Qualitative Research Course (e.g., REF 792, CIE 790)
                  Twelve Hours Required Dissertation:
                  EDA 898     Dissertation in Educational Administration