Course Descriptions for M.Ed. - School Counseling

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610 Foundations, Organization, and Administration of Guidance. 3 hrs. An introduction to counseling and guidance services at the elementary/secondary school levels. Attention is given to both the range of services typically offered and to principles for organizing and administering a program of guidance services.


611 Career Development and Information Services. 3 hrs. The introduction to theories of career development and an analysis of the world of work. Processes are identified through which occupational/educational and personal/social information may be integrated for career/life planning.


612 Counseling Theory and Practice. 3 hrs. Emphasizes theories and principles undergirding the practical application of various helping techniques.


616 Individual Analysis & Group Testing. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: REF 602 or equivalent and instructor permission. The fundamental principles of psychological assessment including concepts necessary for the administration, scoring, interpretation, and use of test results. Attention is also given to ethics and issues involved in the appropriate use of psychological test results.


617 Pre-Counseling Lab. 3 hrs. Seeks to develop the microskills which are foundational to helping relationships.


618 Group Processes. 3 hrs. Introduction to theory and practice of group counseling and psychotherapy. Requires participation in experimental quasi-group. Major theoretical models for group work are surveyed.


651 School Counseling Field Practicum. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: SCS 610, 612, 617. A basic counseling field practicum for school counselors.


653 Comprehensive Field Practicum for School Counselors. 3-12 hrs. Prerequisites: SCS 617, 651. A field practicum for students enrolled in the Counseling and Personnel Services program. Students may repeat for a maximum of 9 hours credit.


711 Theory and Practice of Consultation. 3 hrs. Introduction to theory and process of consultation. Emphasis is placed on student acquisition of basic consulting skills/competencies.


Research and Foundations

601 Educational Research: Interpretation and Applications. 3 hrs. An orientation to the information, skills, and competencies necessary to understanding research in education, along with a rudimentary introduction to conducting action research.


607 Developing a Student-Centered Curriculum. 3 hrs. A comprehensive study of planning and procedures for developing, structuring, implementing, and evaluating school curricula.