ELSC Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Noal Cochran

Dr. Noal B. Cochran

Dr. Noal B. Cochran currently serves as Superintendent of the Richton School District in Richton, Mississippi. Dr. Cochran has over 25 years of experience in the fields of industry, education, and mental health and has served various school districts as a teacher, a principal, and central office administrator. 

Dr. Cochran has earned an undergraduate degree in polymer science and holds graduate degrees in science education, marriage and family therapy, and educational leadership.  In addition to his current role as a school administrator, Dr. Cochran is a licensed marriage and family therapist with extensive mental health experience in family therapy, crisis management, addiction counseling, and identity formation in teens.

Dr. Cochran’s most recent educational research and consultations have centered on traumatic incident recovery for school systems and emotional intelligence as it relates to performance motivation.  Dr. Cochran has been a feature presenter for the Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi Association of School Administrators, Lamar County Schools, and the women’s basketball team of the University of Southern Mississippi.