General Information for a Ed.S. - District Level in Educational Administration

The Specialist of Education Degree (Ed.S.) at the University of Southern Mississippi is offered at the Building Level and at the District Level and is designed for educators who are preparing for leadership positions in either public, private or charter schools.  The Specialist degree requires 36 hours of coursework beyond the Master’s degree.  Each candidate must maintain a 3.0 minimal GPA and must pass comprehensive exams.


The Plan of Study (Ed.S.) for the District Level requires the following courses:
                  REF 602    Introduction to Educational Statistics (Prerequisite = REF 601)
                  EDA 700    Public School Finance
                  EDA 702    Administrative Approaches to Technology
                  EDA 704    School Community Relations
                  EDA 708    Developing and Managing Human Resources
                  EDA 710    School Law
                  EDA 738    Practicum in Supervision
                  EDA 742    Consensus Decision-Making in Education
                  EDA 755    The Superintendency
                  EDA 800    Seminar: Theories in Ed. Organiz. & Admin.
                  *REF 791A  Applied Research
                  *REF 791B  Applied Research


* EDA Specialist's students complete a research project in lieu of a thesis. 

Plan of Study


  • SUMMER 2012-2013 Semester

April 3, 2013

  • SPRING & FALL 2013-2014 Semesters

April 3, 2013