Traditional Ph.D. - Building Level

The Doctorate of Philosophy of Education Degree (Ph.D.) in Educational Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi is offered either in a Cohort Delivery Format or a Traditional Delivery Format.  Both formats require the same courses and are offered at both the Building Level and the District Level .  The Doctorate in Educational Administration  prepares graduate students to become leaders  who can bring about  change in P-12 schools through an understanding and application of communication skills, team building, supervision, and educational research.  The Ph.D.  requires  a total of 54 to 69 hours of coursework beyond the Master’s degree.  Each candidate must maintain a 3.5 minimal GPA, pass comprehensive exams, complete 12 hours of research tools, and successfully defend a dissertation.

The Plan of Study (Ph.D.) for the Building Level requires the following courses:

                  Required Foundation Courses:
                  EDA 620    Instructional Leadership – Superv. & Prof. Dvlp.
                  EDA 700    Public School Finance
                  EDA 704    School Community Relations
                  EDA 708    Developing and Managing Human Resources
                  EDA 710    School Law
                  EDA 736    Practicum in Supervision

  EDA Elective

  EDA Elective

                  Required Electives:
                  EDA 600    Introduction to Educational Leadership
                  EDA 628    Contextual Dimensions of the Principalship
                  EDA 706    Education Facilities Development and Management
                  Required Research Tools:
                  REF 761    Experimental Design (Prerequisite = REF 602)
                  REF 762    Advanced Regression Analysis (Prerequisite = REF 761)
                  REF 893    Advanced Educational Research
                  Qualitative Research Course (e.g., REF 792, CIE 790)
                  Twelve Hours Required Dissertation:
                  EDA 898    Dissertation in Educational Administration