R/V Miss Peetsy B

R/V Miss Peetsy B afloat with donor and alum Jimmy Buffett

Miss Peetsy B is a 34-foot fiberglass-hull vessel certified for 32 passengers, a captain, and one crew member. Originally built as a U. S. Navy liberty launch, she was previously used as a dolphin watch vessel in south Florida before being refitted for service at GCRL.

Miss Peetsy B was donated to the GCRL Marine Education Center by Jimmy Buffett and his sisters, Lucy Buffett and Laurie Buffett-McGuane, in honor of their mother who was passionate about education. The vessel's name comes from Mrs. Buffett's nickname - Peetsy B. The Buffet family, originally from Pascagoula, donated the vessel to help educate students about their coastal environment, and ultimately create a more informed citizenry to protect and maintain our local marine habitats.

Miss Peetsy B is available for short-term, half-day to day, use. The vessel has no onboard restroom facilities. Cruises should be arranged with that in mind.


  • Length: 33.8 feet
  • Beam: 10.9 feet
  • Draft: 6 feet
  • Tonnage: 14 tons gross, 11 tons net
  • U.S. Coast Guard inspected - Passenger Service, Coastwise Unrestricted, Documentation Number 1137299
  • Built 1973 and operated by the United States Navy as the liberty launch Suribachi


  • Charters are $375 for a four-hour cruise. Fuel is included in this price.

Additional Notes for Charters

  • Cruise time should be four hours or less due to the lack of onboard restroom facilities.
  • For more information or to reserve Miss Peetsy B, please contact Tiffany McNeese at tiffany.mcneese@usm.edu or 228.872.4277.
  • For a four-hour cruise on the Miss Peetsy B there will be one captain and one mate.
  • Request for Service forms are to be turned in at least five working days before the departure of any trip. Trip cancellations must be received at least five working days prior to departure or ½ the normal day rate will be charged. There will be no charge for weather days at the dock.
  • The Captain will monitor weather conditions before departure and advise the charterer of conditions to determine if any work can be accomplished.
  • The vessel is insured to cover normal research activities of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. Any additional insurance requirements must be provided by the chartering researchers.
  • If a Request for Services form is not completed and filed in the Boat Operations office at least five working days prior to any trip, the trip will not be confirmed and could be subject to changes in dates.

Read more about the R/V Miss Peetsy B on the Division of Coastal Sciences website.