Masters in Public Relations

All master's degree programs require completion of at least 18 semester hours in courses numbered 600 and above, a written comprehensive examination and a minimum GPA of 3.0 for graduation. The master's program requires a minimum of 30 hours of completed coursework.

Required Coursework:

Substantive Core (12 hrs.) — MC 608, MC 620, MC 621, MC 626
Research Methods (3 hrs.) — MC 720
PR Research (3 hrs.) — MCJ 526
Completion of either the Thesis or Non-Thesis option:

Thesis Option: 

Thesis (6 hrs.) — MC 698
Mass Communication Electives (6 hrs.)

Non-Thesis Option:
Major Project or Internship (3 hrs.)
Mass Communication Electives (9 hrs.)

List of Mass Communication Courses:

MC 608 — Critical and Cultural Theory
MC 620 — Public Relations Theory 
MC 621 — Public Relations Campaigns 
MC 626 — Public Relations Strategies
MC 720 — Introduction to Graduate Research 
MCJ 526 — PR Research

For additional details about our masters program, please contact Dr. Cheryl, Jenkins, program coordinator, at 601.266.4258 or through email at You can also refer to the College of Arts and Letters section of the current online Southern Miss Graduate Bulletin for updated program requirements, course descriptions, etc. Additional information about the Graduate School, including admissions, costs, and housing, can be found via this link: