Ph.D. Alumni

Photo: Christina Goldston 

Christina L. Hicks-Goldston

Current Institution: Austin Peay State University

"This Is Her Story, This Is Her Song: Cultural Contrasts In Hollywood's Woman Of World War II"

Class of 2000


Esin C. Turk

Current Institution: Mississippi Valley State University

"Public Relations Practitioners In Higher Education: Dominant Coalition, Public Relations Models, And Public Relations Roles"

Class of 2000


Martin Osim Edu

Current Institution: Grambling State University

"The Super Bowl: An Enactment Of American Cultural Myths And A Mirror Image Of American Society"

Class of 2000

 Photo: Dr. Debra Clark

Debra Ellen Menconci (Blakely) Clark

Current Institution: University of Houston, Clear Lake

"Mass Mediated Disease: A Case Study Analysis Of News Reporting And Three Influenza Pandemics And Public Health Policy"

Class of 2001

Photo: Jinx Broussard 

Jinx Coleman Broussard

Current Institution: Louisiana State University

"Lifting the Veil of Obscurity: Four Pioneering Black Women Journalists, 1890-1950"

Class of 2001

Photo: Nancy Engelhardt Furlow 

Nancy Engelhardt Furlow

Current Institution: Marymount University

"Environmental Labeling And Consumer Products: A History Of Policy, Regulation And Usage, 1900-2000"

Class of 2002

 Photo: Jin-Young Kim

Jin-Young Kim

Current Institution: Interdisciplinary School of Mass Communication

"A Cross-Media Study of Koreans' Media Choice Process and Consumption Patterns in the New Media Environment"

Class of 2002

 Photo: Taylor Moore

Teresa R. Taylor-Moore

Current Institution: Ashford University

"The Implementation Of Media Literacy: An Analysis Of The Media Literacy Curricula Of Ontario, Canada; New Wales; And England"

Class of 2002

Photo: Vanessa Murphree 

Vanessa Murphree

Current Institution: The University of Southern Mississippi

"The Selling of Civil Rights: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Use of Public Relations

Class of 2002

Photo: Ming-May Jessie Chen 

Ming-May Jessie Chen

Current Institution: Providence University - Taiwan

"Representations of the Cultural Revolution in Chinese Films"

Class of 2003


Pi-yun An

Current Institution: Chaoyang University of Technology

"A Content Analysis Of The Web Representation Of Local Commercial Television Broadcast Stations In The United States"

Class of 2003


Alexander Muk

Current Institution: Texas State University

"The Acceptance Of SMS Advertising: A Cross-Cultural Study Of Young American And Taiwanese Consumers"

Class of 2004


Shonna L. Tropf

Current Institution: University of Central Missouri

"Religion From The Recliner? Discovering Religious Values From Popular Television Programs"

Class of 2004


Glenn "Pete" Smith

Current Institution: Mississippi State University

"'It's Your America': Gertrude Berg and American Broadcasting, 1929-1956"

Class of 2004


Laura R. Walton

Current Institution: Mississippi State University

"Segregationist Spin: The Use Of Public Relations By The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission and The White Citizen's Council, 1954-1973"

Class of 2006

 Photo: Dedria Givens-Carroll

Dedria Givens-Carroll

Current Institution: University of Louisiana - Lafayette

"A Public Relations Case Study Analysis Reveals How The Baptist Missionary Association Of America (BMAA) Resolved A Communication Conflict"

Class of 2006

 Photo: Christina Chung

Christina Chung

Current Institution: Ramapo College

"Online Trust and Cultural Influences in American and Japanese Consumers: An Experimental Examination of Online Retailer Familiarity and Dynamic Pricing"

Class of 2006

Photo: Elizabeth Christian 

Elizabeth Ann Barfoot Christian

Current Institution: University of New Haven

"Reading, Writing And Rabble-Rousing: Wilie Morries, A Good Old Editor"

Class of 2008

 Photo: Hazel Cole

Hazel James Cole

Current Institution: University of West Georgia

"'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People': Hip Hop, Public Discourse and Black Politics in the Early 21st Century"

Class of 2008


Shaniece Bell Bickham

Current Institution: Southern University

"Toward A Free Collegiate Press: An Analysis Of Influences That Can Lead To Censorship At College Newspapers"

Class of 2008


Janet Mignon Kucia

Current Institution: Mississippi College

"The Impact Of Rap Music On Audience Values Structure"

Class of 2011


Robin Marie Cecala

Current Institution: Point Park University

"The Oddity As Commodity: Television And The Modern Day Freak Show"

Class of 2011


Yolanda Denise Campbell

Current Institution: Southern University and A&M College

"Outsiders Within: A Framing Analysis of Eight Black and White U.S. Newspapers' Coverage of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1964"

Class of 2011

 Photo: Sidharth Muralidharan

Sidharth Muralidharan

Current Institution: Southern Methodist University

"The Impact of Celebrity Endorser Type and Source Credibility on the Advertising Attitudes and Purchase Intentions of Indian Rural Consumers"

Class of 2012


Leslie Lynn Rasmusen

Current Institution: Utah Valley University

"Planned Parenthood Takes On Live Action: An Analysis Of Media Interplay And Image Restoration Strategies In Strategic Conflict Management"

Class of 2012


Casey Brandon Hart

Current Institution: Stephen F. Austin University

"Ideological 'Smackdown': A Textual Analysis Of Class, Race And Gender In WWE Televised Professional Wrestling"

Class of 2012