Daniel H. Tingstrom

Professor and Interim Director, School Psychology

Research Interests

Applied Behavior Analysis; Compliance Training and Behavioral Interventions


Current Teaching

Educational Psychology (PSY 374)
Seminar in School Psychology (PSY 671) 
Practicum in School Psychology (PSY 771)
Research in School Psychology (PSY 793)


Selected Articles in Refereed/Peer Reviewed Journals

Mitchell, R. R., Tingstrom, D. H., Dufrene, B. A., Radley, K. C., Jordan, S (2014). Evaluating the effectiveness of the good behavior game with general education high school students utilizing a changing criterion component. (Manuscript in preparation).

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Lambert, A. M., Tingstrom, D. H., Sterling, H. E., Dufrene, B. A., & Lynne, S. (in press). Effects of tootling on classwide disruptive and appropriate behavior of upper-elementary students. (Manuscript under review).

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