PhD Program

The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of fifty-four (54) hours of graduate work beyond the master’s degree – excluding dissertation hours.

Twenty-four (24) semester hours in a content area with a minimum of fifteen (15) hours in an emphasis area

Twenty-four (24) semester hours in science and mathematics education including three (3) semester hours of seminar, SME 701, 703, 761,762, 700 (science) or 720 (math), 725 (math) with a maximum of nine (9) semester hours in SME 791 and a maximum of three (3) semester hours of SME 792

Research Tools: 6 hours (REF 761 & 762)

Dissertation: 9 hours (SME 898)

Doctoral students must be enrolled for 1 hour (typically SME 898) the semester in which he or she is sitting for comprehensive exams, defending the prospectus, defending the dissertation, and graduating (if different from others).

See below for requirements/forms for the Ph.D. Degree Program:

USM General Degree Requirements

SME 791 and 792

Minor_in_Education_Research [PDF]

Qualifying Exam

Comprehensive Exams

Dissertation Help for Doctoral Students

Dissertation Formatting Guidelines from the Graduate Reviewer

Course Descriptions [PDF] (All university courses)