SME Courses Include:

SME 532 Science for Elementary Teachers
SME 553 Earth and Environmental Science for Intermediate School Teachers
SME 555 Physical Science for Intermediate School Teachers
SME 560 Methods for Teaching Science –Secondary
SME 561 Computers & Technology in Science and Mathematics Teaching
SME 571/571L Teaching Chemistry in the Secondary School
SME 572 Physics for Secondary Teachers—Methods & Techniques
SME 601 Science Education in Contemporary Perspective
SME 761 and 762 Research Practicum in Science & Mathematics Education
SME 695/695L Applications of Basic Concepts in Biology for the Secondary School
SME 700 Science Curriculum in the Public School
SME 701 Issues in Science Teaching
SME 702 Field Techniques of Experimenting with Scientific Principles
SME 703 Foundations of Science Education 
SME 720 Mathematics Curriculum
SME 725 Readings from Research in Mathematics Education
SME 789 Seminar

SME Course Schedule:

SME 560 every spring
SME 601 every summer
SME 695 every fall
SME 700 every odd spring (e.g. Spring 2015, 2017, 2019)
SME 761 & 762 every other year (e.g. Fall 2015-Spring 2016)
SME 789 every semester


Here are a list of PROJECTED course offerings over the next three years: course_projections.pdf