Deidra Minor

Program Coordinator and Advisor

Bachelors of Applied Technology

Designed for professionals with a technical two-year degree and technical work experience, the Applied Technology Bachelor's Degree fills that all-important educational gap.  The curriculum includes intensive courses, project-based courses and online courses that are designed to accommodate a wide variety of professional lifestyles, from the traditional student to the busy professional.

LEADERSHIP: The undergraduate program in applied technology prepares professionals for leadership in businesses that are intensive in their use of information technology, complex production processes and/or highly skilled workforce.

INTEGRATION OF SKILLS: Professionals in this program integrate important skills in business, information technology, and production processes. By applying these to the development of a highly skilled workforce and the integration of new technologies in the workplace, graduates of the program are prepared to meet the challenges of the New Economy with an entrepreneurial spirit.

TRANSFER CREDIT:By allowing up to 36 hours of technical electives to be transferred, this program is especially attractive to the community college graduate who may or may not otherwise be able to use these technical electives toward obtaining a bachelor's degree.


  • To provide professionals who have a technical two-year degree an opportunity to advance their careers by allowing up to 36 hours of technical electives to be transferred towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree.
  • To prepare a career technical professional to meet the challenges of the new economy by integrating important skills in business, information technology, and complex production processes.
  • To provide an industry driven curriculum to prepare career technical professionals with the ability to advance in their present company, to become more marketable to a new company, or to start their own business.