Secondary Education

Science and Math at Southern Miss (SM)2: students can prepare for two careers with one degree
(SM)2 seeks to increase the number of secondary teacher licensure graduates from the College of Science and Technology in response to the nationwide shortage of high school science and math teachers. (SM)2 is also a program that gives science and math undergraduate students more than one career option.

Students pursue an undergraduate degree in their major and earn secondary teaching licensure by declaring the licensure emphasis and completing a series of required teacher education courses (27 hours for sciences; 35 hours for math). The degree can be completed in four years. We offer teaching licensure in Biological Sciences and Mathematics on the Hattiesburg and Long Beach campuses. Chemistry and Physics teaching licensure is offered on the Hattiesburg campus.

What about Graduate or Professional School?
Students planning to apply to professional or graduate school can prepare for two careers with one degree by completing major course requirements in a science or mathematics content area, including any additional upper-level courses required for professional, post-baccalaureate study, and taking teacher education courses instead of elective courses.

The Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences includes an emphasis for teacher licensure

The chemistry licensure option combines a chemistry curriculum with required education courses to produce an accredited teaching degree.

The physics licensure degree is intended for students who wish to teach physics at the high school level.

The program provides students the opportunity to follow a course of study leading to a B.S. in mathematics with licensure at the secondary level.

What Are The Benefits?
With a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and a licensure emphasis, you can do many things:

  • Be certified and well-prepared to teach high school
  • Apply to graduate schools
  • Apply to pre-professional programs
  • Enter the job market

Financial aid is available to students who officially declare a licensure major.

TEACH Grants, up to $4,000/year

Whom do I contact for more information about licensure?


Dr. Sheila Hendry (Hattiesburg)

Ms. Jill Arnold (Long Beach)


Dr. Deborah Booth (Hattiesburg)


Dr. Christopher Sirola (Hattiesburg)


Ms. Mary Peters (Hattiesburg)

Ms. Marlene Naquin (Long Beach)