Strategic Plan

A Message from the Dean

Because we are a community of academics who embrace both teaching and scholarship, we
continue to imagine more for USM. We are always asking the question, “How can we grow,
better distinguish ourselves and become more aspirational?”

The question of how requires the development of a focused plan for the college, both for the
near-term and long-term. It is a task that requires the engagement of all faculty and staff. For
the College of Science and Technology, the process began with the College’s leadership team,
engaging faculty and staff through open forums in multiple locations over nearly a year. Each
group brought forward their insights, their passions and especially their voice to the process.
This sharing of the many creative concepts has evolved into a roadmap, defining a clear vision
for our College.

Why is a Strategic Plan needed? The reason is simple: the college must ensure that our
direction is not only in line with the current needs of our students, our faculty, our staff, the
State of Mississippi, (particularly south Mississippi and our Gulf Coast) but it also must be
imaginative, targeting future needs, while maintaining an agility to take advantage of new
opportunities. A Strategic Plan is optimistic and aspirational; committed to a better future.
As a result of this engaged, focused planning effort, seven initiatives have emerged;
encompassing both challenges and opportunities. They are:

  1. Increase Student Success
  2. Fulfill the Coastal Potential
  3. Increase Research Awards
  4. Launch Engineering Programs
  5. Support Faculty and Staff Engagement
  6. Grow Our Resources
  7. Increase Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Each initiative represents not only an opportunity but also an investment of the collective
energy of our faculty and staff, as well as a repurposing of resources, with the ultimate benefit
to enhance education and research and to benefit our state and region.

I am certainly proud of our collective efforts to create this plan, but perhaps more excited by
the results that it will achieve for the College of Science and Technology and for the University
of Southern Mississippi.

Chris Winstead, Interim Dean



To view the plan click here:

Strategic Plan