Reporting Party and Responding Party Rights

The University of Southern Mississippi is committed to providing a fair, prompt, and thorough Title IX investigation and resolution of incidents reported under the Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment Policy to all members of the University community. Both the Reporting Party and the Responding Party have the following rights during the investigation and hearing processes. The Reporting Party and the Responding Party have the right: 


  1. To be present during every hearing and/or meeting.
  2. To a prompt, equitable, and thorough hearing. 
  3. To participate or not participate in a Title IX investigation and/or hearing process. 
  4. To have an advisor to guide them through the Title IX process. 
  5. To have a support person of their choosing present in meetings and/or hearings. 
  6. To present information and/or witnesses on their behalf during the investigation process. 
  7. To written notice of all meetings, investigation updates, and outcomes. 
  8. To respond to information presented against them.
  9. To receive information about their right to appeal, and the process for doing so. 
  10. To receive treatment that is respectful by all persons involved in the investigation and adjudication process.