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School of Social Science and Global Studies

Summer 2019

Course Time Place Professor
FL 561 Teaching Second Languages: Theory into Practice NO CHAT ONLINE Abreu
FL 665 Sociocultural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Language NO CHAT ONLINE Burnett
SPA 641 500+ Years of Hispanic Presence along the Gulf of Mexico


ONLINE Gillespie
FRE 591 Advanced Studies in the French Language: A Historical and Sociolinguistic Look at the French Language NO CHAT ONLINE Burnett
TSL 645 Reading in ESL/EFL Instruction   NO CHAT ONLINE Guglani
FL 691 Research (hours for full-time enrollment) TBA ONLINE Abreu
FRE 581, 656 Qualitative Research Credit Abroad TBA France Burnett
SPA 581, 582 Spanish Advanced Credit Abroad TBA Spain Miles

Continuing MATL students who are not enrolled in courses at the University of Southern Mississippi during the current semester must apply for readmission with the Graduate School. If you are not registered in a given semester but wish to register for the following semester, you need to send the Application for Readmission to the Graduate School prior to registration.