2018 NASW-MS Conference


Presentations by University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work faculty, staff, students and alumni at the 2018 National Association of Social Workers-Mississippi Conference, March 7-9 in Biloxi. 


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Faculty/Staff/Students (20 presenters)

 Wednesday, March 7

  • "Self-Determination and Voter Engagement: Social Workers as Candidates and Campaign Staff" – Kathryn Rehner, LMSW, former political candidate for MS House District 102; & Tim Rehner, PhD, Director, USM School of Social Work. .5 Ethics
  • "Effects of Climate Change on Health and Mental Health: What Must We Know? What Can We Do?" – Michael Forster, PhD, Professor, USM School of Social Work.   

 Thursday, March 8

  •  "Facilitated Advocacy: Creating and Sustaining Effective Partnerships to Enhance Service Delivery" – Sherry Gilkey, MSW, Professional Staff, USM School of Social Work, PhD Student, Research, Evaluation, Statistics, & Assessment in Education; & Jerome Kolbo, PhD, MSW Coordinator & Professor, USM School of Social Work.  
  • "Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) as a Workforce Development Strategy: Strengthening a Multidisciplinary Response to Child Maltreatment" – Tamara Hurst, PhD, LCSW, Assistant Professor, USM School of Social Work; Kimberly Shackelford, PhD, LCSW, Advocate Program Manager, MS Children’s Advocacy Centers; & Tonya Rogillio, Deputy Director, Field Support, Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services.  
  • "Coming Out in a Christian Community: How Social Workers Can Make a Difference" – Rene Drumm, PhD, Associate Dean, USM College of Health, & Professor, USM School of Social Work. .5 CD CE Credit.
  • "Peeking Through the Blinds, but Won’t Open the Door: Engaging Families Through Wraparound Values" – Elizabeth McDowell, LMSW, State Wrapround Coordinator, USM MS Wraparound Institute.
  • "Exploring the Impacts of Life Events on Mood: Identifying Correlations Between Experiences and Mood Disorders" – Michelle Brazeal, LCSW, MIHDP Program Director; Lauren Zakaras, DPH, LCSW, MIHDP Clinical Director; Tim Rehner, PhD, Director, USM School of Social Work; & Elizabeth Glantz, Intern, MIHDP. 

Friday, March 9

  • "The Eagle’s Nest: A Nonprofit Leadership Lab Designed to Enrich a Macro Social Work Field Placement" – Tamara Hurst, PhD, LCSW, Assistant Professor; & Susan Hrostowski, PhD., Associate Professor, USM School of Social Work.
  • "The MS Person Centered Practices Initiative: A Statewide Training Institute to Support Persons with Disabilities and Older Adults" – Bret Blackmon, PhD, Assistant Professor; Joohee Lee, PhD, Associate Professor; USM School of Social Work; Courtney Williams, CMHT, Program Director; Yolanda Green, Trainer; & Stacey Sternberg, Trainer, MS Person Centered Practices Initiative, USM School of Social Work.
  • "Nonprofit Human Service Organizations and the Redemocratization of the American Political Process" – Matthew Knierim, PhD, MPA, Visiting Professor, USM School of Social Work; & Quaneisha Browning, MSW Student, USM.
  • "Get Moving to Get Focused: Effects of Physical Activity on ADHD and Executive Functioning" – Rachel Lahasky, LCSW, Clinical Instructor, USM School of Social Work; & Sherry Gilkey, MSW, Professional Staff, USM School of Social Work, PhD Student in Research, Evaluation, Statistics, & Assessment in Education.
  • (Closing Session) "Beyond the 'Resistance' - Winning the World We Want" – Michael Forster, PhD, Professor, USM School of Social Work


Alumni (5 presenters)

Thursday, March 8

  • "The Theoretical Foundations of SW Practice: Myth or Reality?" – Vincent Venturini, PhD, Part-time Visiting Professor, MVSU SW Program.
  • "Developing Cultural Awareness and Competency in Perinatal Social Work" – Brenda Sumrall Smith, PhD, LCSW, LMFT.  1.5 CD CE Credit
  • "The New Code of Ethics: Technology-Related and Other Updates to Guide Contemporary Social Work Practice" – Krista K. Guynes, LCSW, Vice President, NASW MS Chapter Board of Directors, Social Services/PHRM Dir., MS Dept. of Health; & Janice Sandefur, ACSW, LCSW, Exec. Dir., NASW MS Chapter.  3 Ethics CE Credit.
  • "Diversity: What’s the Big Deal?" – Angela Savage, LMSW, Instructor/ Field Ed. Dir., MSU-Meridian SW Program.  1.5 CD CE Credit.

Friday, March 9

  • "Ethical Dilemmas and Your License: What You Need to Know" – Spencer Blalock, DHA, LCSW, BCD, Jennifer Fulcher, LSW, MS, & Gloria Green, JD, MS BOESWMFT.  3 Ethics CE Credit.


Student Posters (22 presenters)

  • "Mental Health Professionals on Emergency Response Teams" – Chris Marcell and Dan Abbate
  • "Teacher's Self-Efficacy and Well-Being" – Anna O'Dell
  • "Third Grade Reading Difficulties and Specific Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors" – Lindsey Hardin
  • "Assessing Adherence to Myths About Interpersonal Violence" –  Krystal Bradley and Jacquelynn Johnson
  • "Courageous Conversations: Using Roundtable Activities to Enhance Communication Skills Needed to Discuss Racism" – Reginald Virgil
  • "Weathering the Storm: The Role of Professional Social Work in Criminal Justice System Reform
  • "Safe Sleep" – Leslie Springfield
  • "The Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Children Ages Birth-17 Years of Age" – Pam Libby
  • "From Incarceration to Social Work Education" – Janay Morgan
  • "Perceived Social Support for Older LGB Adults in the State of Mississippi" – Angela Alford
  • "Weathering the Storm: A Study of Resiliency in Older Adults following 2017 Hattiesburg Tornado" – Miranda Williams
  • "The Influence of Psychological Resilience and Substance Use Coping on Depression Among Residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast" – Tammy Matlock and Morgan Bradwell
  • "Perceived Community Caring and Loneliness: Is There a Difference by Gender?" – Christina Jacobs
  • "A Look at How Perceived Community Resilience and Social Capital are Associated with Individual Disaster Preparedness for Those Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast" – Shelby White
  • "Expanding the Intersectionality of Macro Social Work and Campus Food Insecurity: Development of a Student/Family Backpack Program" – Krystal Bradley, Tyesha Christopher and Amanda Brown
  • "Attitudes Towards Patients with Mental Illness: A Comparison Between Healthcare Workers and Social Workers" – Elizabeth Glantz
  • "Self-Efficacy and Health Behaviors" – Elizabeth Johnson and Evelyn Sullivan