Advanced Standing Program

Advanced Standing Program


The School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi offers qualified applicants an opportunity to apply for the Advanced Standing Program within the Social Work Program.  The advance standing program allows students to enroll in the final 34 hours of a 60 credit hour MSW program.    Students must meet the admissions criteria listed below to be considered for this highly competitive Advanced Standing Program.


Minimum Qualifications


  1. Must have an earned Bachelor’s degree in social work from a CSWE accredited university within the last five years. 
  2. Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA on last 60 hours of course work
  3. Must have a minimum 3.5 GPA in your social work program; with no “C”s.
  4. Must have GRE scores that meet, or are higher, than the incoming graduate student cohort for the semester in which you are applying.
  5. Must pass a qualifying exam, given by the School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi.
  6. Must be accepted by the MSW admissions review committee for admission to the MSW Advanced Standing Program.


Commonly Asked Questions


Q:  How many students are selected into the Advanced Standing Program each semester?

A:  The number of students selected varies from semester to semester, based on space availability, there is no set number of advanced standing students selected each semester.


Q:  I have met the above minimum qualifications, and I was not accepted, why?

A:  Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee you admission to the Advanced Standing Program.  Each semester competition for the limited number of spaces is very high.  Many students apply, few are accepted.  The MSW Admissions Review Committee makes the determination of which students are accepted into the Advanced Standing Program.


Q:  I was not accepted into the Advanced Standing Program, does this mean I have to re-apply to the School of Social Work for another full-time or part-time program?

A:  No, the MSW Program Coordinator, or designee, will contact you to determine what other option you may be interested in, within the School of Social Work. 


Q:  Is the Advanced Standing Program only for full-time students?

A:  No, there is the full-time advanced standing model, and part-time advanced standing model.  Students should discuss their program interests with the MSW Program Coordinator, Dr. Jerome Kolbo, prior to application for specific guidance.


For More Information


Please contact Dr. Jerome Kolbo, MSW Program Coordinator at, or Sherry Gilkey,Graduate Records and Advisement Specialist at the School of Social Work at 601-266-4163 (Hattiesburg) or 228-214-3262 (Gulf Coast).


UPDATED:  February 2013