BSW Field Education Courses

Undergraduate students enroll in SWK 430, Field Education, and SWK 431, Field Seminar, during their final semester. Students in SWK 430 must complete a minimum of 450 hours by attending field placement 32 hours per week.

SWK 430. Field Education (9 hrs.) Prerequisites: Must have completed the required university general education curriculum, the social work core, and the professional foundation. The student must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Co-requisite: SWK 431. This internship in a social service agency provides experience in direct service to client systems and enhances and develops generalist practice skills. This course is the only one in the social work curriculum where students earn a Pass/Fail grade.

SWK 431. Field Seminar (3 hrs) Co-requisite: SWK 430. The seminar enables students to further develop generalist practice skills and integrate professional knowledge, values, skills and theory with practice.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin and the BSW Program Handbook for more detailed information on courses and degree plans.