Director's Message

Dr. Tim Rehner

Social work is one of the most vital and fastest growing professions in America and in the world today. As our society continues to experience unprecedented change, social workers are on the front lines of helping individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to respond effectively to new social, economic, personal and interpersonal demands.

Social workers function in a wide variety of capacities and settings--child protection workers in public agencies; family therapists in private practice; discharge planners in hospitals; policy analysts in advocacy organizations; entry-level practitioners; chief executive officers in social service agencies. The prospects for an exciting and rewarding career in social work are excellent, if you aspire to make a difference in the lives of "real people".

At The University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work, we are proud to offer both the bachelor's and master's degrees in social work. The master's program is offered in three scheduling formats: full time (two years), part time (three years) and Advanced Standing (BSW’s only). We prepare undergraduates for generalist social work practice and for graduate school. 

Our graduate students are prepared for relational practice with an emphasis in Interpersonal Practice or Administration & Empowerment.  This program provides students  with the wide spectrum of conceptual and practical tools they need to address complex, multidimensional problems in virtually any social context. All our graduates complete a rigorous curriculum rich in classroom and field work experiences. The undergraduate and graduate programs are offered at both the Southern Miss Hattiesburg and Gulf Park campuses.

We provide our students with a welcoming and stimulating environment. A total of 13 faculty and five administrative staff members come to know students as individual through face to face courses and educational experiences offering them just the right blend of challenge and support needed to form committed and capable professional social workers.

Please review the information at this Web site or in any of our written materials, and feel free to call on me or any of my faculty and staff to find out more about our programs.

Dr. Tim Rehner