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Professor Emeritus of Social Work
The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast
730 East Beach Boulevard
Long Beach, MS 39560
Tel: 228.214.3261
E-mail: raymond.scurfield@usm.edu

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2012 NASW Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Institute of Stress is dedicating two issues of their journal, Combat Stress, to Dr. Scurfield's work.  Click here to read the February, 2015 issue.  Click here for June, 2015 issue.  Click here to read his most recent article about faith-based and non-faith-based meditation and personal and clinical applications.

See Dr. Scurfield featured in the Professor Spotlight in the 2009 Southerner yearbook. One of Dr. Scurfield’s media interviews on the effects of war and the impact of Hurricane Katrina was conducted 8.11.08 on Stanford University's Raising Sand Radio. His opinion-editorial commentary, “Surviving the Shards of Wars and Hurricanes,” was posted on “A.M. in the Mornings!” Previous editorial-opinion pieces written by Dr. Scurfield include "Dramatic Differences in Deaths at Virginia Tech and Iraq" and "Beyond Walter Reed."

Ray Scurfield, professor of social work at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast and former director of the Katrina Research Center (2006-09), has recently published books and articles exploring the effects of post traumatic stress disorder in both combat veterans and disaster survivors.

The third installment in his Vietnam Trilogy, "War Trauma: Lessons Unlearned from Vietnam to Iraq," was published in October 2006. His book trilogy received the 2009 non-fiction 2nd runner-up award from the Military Writers Society of America. For more information about the Vietnam Trilogy, click here.

Dr. Scurfield has also written about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast campus and helpful interventions to address post-Katrina mental health recovery. Partly for his post-Katrina work, he has been recognized as the 2006 Mississippi Social Worker of the Year by the Mississippi Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and has received the College of Health 2008 Outstanding Faculty Service Award; he also received the COH 2006 and 2007 Distinguished Teaching Awards.

Dr. Ray Scurfield considers the condition of his post-Katrina "office" at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus on August 30, 2005.

He has several publications and presentations related to Katrina -- a topic in which he also describes the parallels between post-Katrina and post-war readjustment.

R. M. Scurfield (2009, June, in press). "The Nexus Between the Iraq War and Katrina Recovery," Trauma, Violence, and Abuse.

R. M. Scurfield (2009, April, in press). "Post-Katrina Storm Disorder and Recovery in South Mississippi Over Two Years Later," Traumatology, The International Journal.

R. M. Scurfield (2006, Summer). "Post-Katrina Aftermath and Interventions at a Mississippi University on the Gulf Coast. " Traumatology. The International Journal of Innovations, 12 (2), 104-120.

R. M. Scurfield (2006, January). Social Work Interventions at a Mississippi University Devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Social Work Today online January 2006 newsletter. Social work Today Magazine.

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R. M. Scurfield, (2007). "Post-Katrina survivor and provider: Social work interventions and coping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Published Proceedings, Alabama/Mississippi Council on social work Education (AL/MS Social Work Education Conference, Tuscaloosa, AL, October 19, 2006).

R. M. Scurfield, (2007, 12 October) "The Nexus Between The Iraq War and Katrina Recovery: Policy and Clinical Issues." Keynote Address, Fall Colloquium, Hattiesburg, MS.

R. M. Scurfield, (2007, October 25) "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome: Vietam to Iraq to Katrina." Presented at Issues + Answers Lecture Series, sponsored by The University of Southern Mississippi and the Sun Herald, Gulfport, MS.

You can also read an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (2006, Sept. 1) about Dr. Scurfield's work post-Katrina.

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