Bret Blackmon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Current courses being taught

  • Consultation and Supervision
  • Systems and the Life Course
  • Integrative Seminar
  • Methods of Social Work Research
  • Administrative Research and Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Theory and Practice in Social Work


Professional/conference presentations made within the past year  


Blackmon, B. & Ball, A. (2015, October). The impact of a school-based truancy intervention on    youths’ juvenile justice involvement. Poster Presentation at the Council on Social Work  Education Conference, Denver, CO.

Blackmon, B., Guin, C., & Baker, A. (2015, January). Examining pathways to death row: Turning points and the role of the educational system. Presentation at the American  Association of School Social Workers Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Robison, S., Rhodes, J., & Blackmon, B. (2015, January). Predictors of school dropout, juvenile    delinquency, and adult criminality in a southern U.S. state. Presentation at the Society for  Social Work and Research Conference, New Orleans, LA.



Blackmon, B., Beasley, E. & Howard, L. (2015, October). Social entrepreneurship in the social  work curriculum: Instructor and student perspectives. Presentation at the Alabama/Mississippi Social Work Education Conference, Hattiesburg, MS.

Lee, J., Blackmon, B. & Rehner, T. (2015, October). The long-term response to and recovery  from disasters: The role of individual and community resilience. Presentation at the Alabama/Mississippi Social Work Education Conference, Hattiesburg, MS.


Professional publications within the last year

Blackmon, B., Cain, D., & Livermore, M. (2015). Juvenile court dispositions in the Deep South: Examining the concept of justice by geography. Journal of Social Sciences, 11(2), 82-90.  Doi: 10.3844/jsssp.2015.82.90

Blackmon, B. & Cain, D. (In Press). Case manager perspectives on the effectiveness of a truancy intervention. School Social Work Journal.

Guin, C. C., Rhodes, J. L. F., Daly, C., Duhe, D., Dinecola, C., Robison, S. B., & Blackmon, B.   (2015).  The role of education in preventing the development of delinquency and adult  criminality.  Report of the Reentry and Committee Team 4, Education and Reentry Subcommittees for The Louisiana Sentencing Commission. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU  College of Human Sciences and Education, Office of Social Service Research and Development.


Community Projects

Applied Research: Co-facilitated the Adaptation and Resilience Initiative of the MS Gulf Coast in March, 2015.