Terri T. (Cookie) Smith, DBH,MSW

Adjunct Faculty

Terri “Cookie” Smith, LMSW has over 19 years of experience in disability related services for families of children with a developmental disability.

She serves as the Service Coordinator and Family Support Coordinator for The Children’s Center for Communication and Development at The University of Southern Mississippi.

For over 8 years, she served as a Project Manager for the Mississippi Family2Family Health Information and Education Center at the Institute for Disability Studies.

She received her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from The University of Southern Mississippi in Social Work. She received her Doctorate of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University.  Her research and training has been to provide integrated behavioral care in pediatric care settings. Also, she has completed extensive research on assessing anxiety and quality of life in families of children with developmental disabilities.  Ms. Smith has been successful in implementing integrated behavioral care services to pediatric patients with developmental disabilities at a local pediatric clinic.  Her future plans are to pursue an academic appointment while establishing her own clinical practice.

Cookie is an advocate for comprehensive medical care, health, fitness, and nutrition for everyone, but especially for individuals with disabilities.

Cookie’s philosophy is to learn as much as you can to become more than you have ever dreamed of.  


Curriculum Vitae

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