Matthew L. Vasquez, Ph.D, LMSW

Assistant Professor

Matthew Vasquez, PhD, LMSW, is an assistant professor of social work at the University of Southern Mississippi.  Dr. Vasquez uses a cognitive-somatic based approach to the treatment of trauma, and has clinical experience working with a broad range of individuals who have experienced multiple and severe forms of psychological trauma. He has training in EMDR, mindfulness-based practices, therapies that employ internal structures and other contemporary and holistic techniques that can be used to treat PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms. He recently developed a course on trauma that he teaches at USM that covers innovative forms of trauma treatment (e.g., trauma-focused yoga, EMDR, psychodrama, and techniques that focus on bottom-up, body-centered treatment for those with complex trauma). He has also presented his research on the neurophysiological effects of trauma and innovative clinical approaches to its treatment at both state and national conferences. He is currently providing CEU workshops on trauma during the summer and fall of 2016 though USM’s Continuing Education Program in both Hattiesburg and Gulf Park locations.

Dr. Vasquez’s current area of research focuses on the later cognitive, emotional, and social functioning of children who were adopted (either domestically or internationally) and were exposed to chronic neglect and deprivation at an early age (ages 0-3). He plans to build a body of literature that examines how such child populations regulate stress and navigate family and larger social situations in later adolescence and adulthood.  His other research interests include the examining the benefits of infusing trauma-informed care practices in residential treatment facilities, in-patient mental health units,  and school-based curriculums, along with how to effectively educate social workers on the salient neurobiological and clinical aspects of trauma.

Dr. Vasquez can get bored at times sitting in his office all day, and would very much the opportunity to talk with you about how to bring the message of trauma-informed practice to your agency, organization, or clinical practice. Please feel free to contact him!



Curriculum Vita: vasquez_cv_2016.pdf