Mission Statement



The USM School of Social Work develops and transmits social work knowledge and skills consistent with the values of the profession, informed by the culture and history of Mississippi. We are inspired by a vision of social justice and advocacy for the health and well-being of all people. Our graduates engage clients who primarily reside in the increasingly diverse Gulf South to produce dynamic solutions for personal, interpersonal, and system problems – especially those unique to the poor, oppressed, and underserved.





We prepare students for competent, ethical, and culturally informed social work practice.

We deliver a dynamic, integrated competency-based curriculum.

We infuse opportunities across the curriculum for students to demonstrate mastery of social work knowledge, skills, and values.

We promote a professional social work identity.



 We advance knowledge relevant to social work practice and social welfare.

We engage faculty, staff, and students in research and scholarship.

We pursue and secure external funding to support research and program activities.

We translate research findings and critical inquiry into scholarly products that inform practice, policy, and social service delivery.



 We inspire realization of human potential.

We promote healthy human growth and development.

We develop dynamic strategies and actions to address oppressive social conditions.

We model leadership and advocacy for social change.



Adopted March 2010