MSW Courses


 Foundation Courses


 600.  Human Rights & Social Justice in a Diverse Society (3hrs.)

Comparative cross-cultural theories and concepts related to ethnic-minority groups and alternative life styles


 603. Professional Social Work Development I (1hr.)

Introduction to social work, with an emphasis on professional development, the concepts, critical thinking, and various forms of literacy will be explored.


604. Professional Social Work Development II (1hr)

Co-requisite: SWK 659 or SWK 626. In-depth orientation and preparation to field education


607. Systems and the Human Life Courses (3hrs)

Introduction to physiological, cognitive, intellectual, and emotional development of individuals; analysis of theoretical explanations of personality


611. Problem Solving with Individuals (3hrs)

Systemic and problem-solving approaches to social work practice with individuals, families, organizations, communities, and groups; integrative framework for knowledge, values and skills.


614. Social Work Integrative Seminar I (2hrs)

This course provides opportunities to further develop, integrate, reinforce, and demonstrate competence in practice behaviors necessary for professional social work practice.


615.  Social Work Integrative Seminar II (2hrs)

Co-requisite: SWK 659 or SWK 626. This course integrates critical thinking, scientific reasoning, practice, and research methodology to guide professional decision making with the best possible evidence


618.  Social Welfare Policy and Context (3hrs)

Social welfare policy course that introduces students to the concepts of social welfare policy, theory, social context and the interplay between social work practice and policy.


 619.  Evidenced Based Practice in Social Work (3hrs)

Overview of the research processes and theories in social work using empirically evaluated evidenced based practice interventions with social work client systems.


651Time Limited Intervention (3hrs)

Techniques of task-centered intervention and crisis intervention in social work practice.


 659.  Social Work Full-Time Field Education I (2hrs)

Co-requisite: SWK 604 and SWK 615. The first FT Field Education course is designed for full-time students to apply knowledge and skills in a practicum experience.

626.  Social Work Part-Time Field Education I (1hr)

Co-requisite: SWK 604 and SWK 615.  Application of knowledge and skills developed in previous and current practicum experience.



  • Advanced Practice Courses


613.  Problem Solving with Groups (3hrs)

This practice course teaches problem solving interventions to social work practice with groups. Theories used are: systems, problem solving, and use of eco-systems and others.


616.  Social Work Integrative Seminar III (2hrs)

Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation year.  Co-requisite: SWK 641. This course continues providing student with opportunities to further develop, integrate, reinforce, and demonstrate competence in behaviors necessary for professional practice.


629.  Problem Solving with Families (3hrs)

Practice course that teaches problem solving approaches to work with families, utilizing a systems-based lens to engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate social work practice.


643 Advanced Social Work Practice I (3hrs)

Prerequisite: completion of foundation year of MSW. This course focuses on advanced social work practice skills with selected mental health disorders.


644.  Advanced Social Work Practice II (3hrs)

Prerequisite: completion of foundation year of MSW. This course focuses on advanced social work practice skills with selected client groups.


645. Management, Supervision, and Leadership in Social Work (3hrs)

Prerequisite: completion of foundation year of MSW. Advanced SWK course reviews issues, topics, and theory found in management of social service agencies.


646. Program and Community Development (3hrs)

Prerequisite: completion of the foundation year of MSW. Development of competencies in responding to needs or organizations and communities


647. Social Work Integrative Seminar IV (3hrs)

Prerequisite: completion of foundation year of MSW. Students will develop additional skills and practice competencies associated with this final advanced level social work practice seminar.


661. Social Work Full-Time Field Education II (2hrs)

Prerequisite: SWK 659. Co-requisite: SWK 616. The second practicum for the full-time students provides opportunities to integrate advanced knowledge and skills in SWK agencies.


662. Social Work Full-Time Field Education III (2hrs)

Prerequisite: SWK 661. Requisite: SWK 647 the second semester of the second practicum for full-time students integrates advanced knowledge and skills at the SWK 661 agency.


627.  Social Work Part-Time Field Education II (1 hr)

Prerequisite: SWK 626.This course advances the students’ knowledge and skills to a group client system, enhancing competent, professional social work practice.


641. Social Work Part-Time Field Education III (2hrs)

Co-requisite: SWK 616.The first PT practicum is designed to integrate and enhance values, knowledge, and skills at the foundation level with micro, mezzo, and macro experiences.


642. Social Work Part-Time Field Education IV (2hrs)

Prerequisite: SWK 641. Co-requisite: SWK 647.The second PT practicum is designed to build on the integration and enhancement of values, knowledge, and skills developed in SWK 641, completing the foundation level of micro, mezzo, and macro experiences. 



  • Emphasis Courses


633. Social Work Leadership Theory and Practice (2hrs)

Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation year. This course prepares the student for leadership, positions in projects, organizations, and communities

637. Administrative Research and Entrepreneurship (3hrs)

This course prepares students for using evidence-based data for both the development and evaluation of social programs.


657. Advanced Social Work Practice and Addictions (2hrs)

Prerequisite: Completion of the Foundation year. Theories, intervention skills, and policy issues related to additions in the social service delivery system.


663. Consultation and Supervision (3hrs)

Concepts and skills related to consultation and supervision with application to a number of systems but emphasizing agency settings.


667. Advanced Social Work Practice with Adults (3 hrs)

Services to formulate multidimensional assessments and intervention plans for adult issues and disorders within family and cultural contexts


677. Advanced Practice with Children and Adolescents (3hrs)

Practice concepts, theories, and skills for work with specific social adjustment problems utilizing a systems framework.



  • Elective Courses


511. Spirituality in Social Work Practice   (3hrs)

This course addresses issues of spirituality and religion in the practice of generalist social work.


521. Social Work: Complicated Mourning and Grief (3hrs)

Explores the dynamics of complicated mourning. Concepts include theoretical framework, as well as special situations. Assessment and intervention skills are highlighted.


652. Seminar in Critical Issues of the Aged (3hrs)

Interdisciplinary review and analysis of the literature and research on issues of aging; including health care policy, family, recreation, nutrition, social issues, and death and bereavement.


655. Social Work Practice in Child Welfare (3hrs)

Multidimensional intervention with children and adolescents who have experienced neglect and abusive conditions


669. Social Work Practice and Diverse Sexuality (3hrs)

This course is an evidence-based social work practice human sexuality course, examining the bio-psycho-social influences on sexual identity and sexual behavior.


675. Social Work Practice with Persons in Middle and Late Life (3hrs)

Psychosocial variables at critical life transition points and intervention skills with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations.


676. Social Work Practice in Health Systems (3hrs)

Assessment and modification of conditions which affect an individual's physical and mental health through intervention skills with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations


685. Grant Writing in Social Work (3hrs)

Principles of grant proposal development, opportunities to review and critique grant proposals, and submissions of a fund-able grant proposal in a human service field.


686. Social Work Practice in Schools (3hrs)

Challenges and opportunities of social work practice in education, and roles and functions of social workers within a complex system of home/school/community are examined.


687. Social Work Practice and Family Violence (3hrs)

This course addresses the dynamics of family violence, examines a range of strategies for social work intervention, and examines the social and legal responses to violence.


692. Special Problems (1-6 hrs)

Study of a problem in order to develop knowledge in an area of student interest. Approved study plan, paper, and/or project required.


695. Human Rights and Social Justice in Jamaica (4hrs)

Social development and social welfare efforts to address social problems in Jamaica along with agency visits and service learning opportunities