MSW Courses

Elective Courses

511. Spirituality in Social Work Practice   (3hrs)

This course addresses issues of spirituality and religion in the practice of generalist social work.


521. Social Work: Complicated Mourning and Grief (3hrs)

Explores the dynamics of complicated mourning. Concepts include theoretical framework, as well as special situations. Assessment and intervention skills are highlighted.


652. Seminar in Critical Issues of the Aged (3hrs)

Interdisciplinary review and analysis of the literature and research on issues of aging; including health care policy, family, recreation, nutrition, social issues, and death and bereavement.


655. Social Work Practice in Child Welfare (3hrs)

Multidimensional intervention with children and adolescents who have experienced neglect and abusive conditions


669. Social Work Practice and Diverse Sexuality (3hrs)

This course is an evidence-based social work practice human sexuality course, examining the bio-psycho-social influences on sexual identity and sexual behavior.


675. Social Work Practice with Persons in Middle and Late Life (3hrs)

Psychosocial variables at critical life transition points and intervention skills with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations.


676. Social Work Practice in Health Systems (3hrs)

Assessment and modification of conditions which affect an individual's physical and mental health through intervention skills with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations


685. Grant Writing in Social Work (3hrs)

Principles of grant proposal development, opportunities to review and critique grant proposals, and submissions of a fund-able grant proposal in a human service field.


686. Social Work Practice in Schools (3hrs)

Challenges and opportunities of social work practice in education, and roles and functions of social workers within a complex system of home/school/community are examined.


687. Social Work Practice and Family Violence (3hrs)

This course addresses the dynamics of family violence, examines a range of strategies for social work intervention, and examines the social and legal responses to violence.


692. Special Problems (1-6 hrs)

Study of a problem in order to develop knowledge in an area of student interest. Approved study plan, paper, and/or project required.


695. Human Rights and Social Justice in Jamaica (4hrs)

Social development and social welfare efforts to address social problems in Jamaica along with agency visits and service learning opportunities