MSW Program Admissions - FAQ



  How do I apply?


The application process is completely online.  Click here to begin the process.



When is the application deadline?


Applications should be submitted as early as possible.  Our “priority” deadline for receiving completed applications is March 15 of each year – we begin reviewing applications and accepting students at that time.


We continue to accept completed applications after the priority deadline, but since we accept only a limited number of students into the program each year, the opportunity to be accepted decreases as time passes and available slots are filled.


What Admission Options are Available?


The first step is to apply for admission to the MSW program (See How Do I Apply above).


Once accepted into the MSW program, the MSW Program Coordinator will discuss with you the following options:


  • Preferred Campus? Hattiesburg or Gulf Coast

  • Full Time/Part-time

  • Regular/Advanced Standing (specific criteria including qualifying exam)


What Cohorts Will Be Starting Summer/Fall 2018?


  • Classes begin in August, 2018

               Regular Full Time : Hattiesburg campus

               Regular Part Time : Hattiesburg campus on Wednesdays

               Advanced Standing Part Time : Gulf Park campus on Mondays


  • Classes begin in June, 2018

              Advanced Standing Full Time: Hattiesburg campus