MSW Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Southern Mississippi.  We are The State of Mississippi’s oldest, largest and arguably finest social work program.  Our mission is to develop and transmit social work knowledge and skills consistent with the values of the profession, informed by the culture and history of Mississippi, and guided by best evidenced based research. 

As the states premiere social work program, we are inspired by a vision of social justice and advocacy for the health and well-being of all people in Mississippi, the Gulf South and our world.   



A new cohort of students is admitted to the MSW program during the fall semester of each academic year. Admission to the School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi is competitive, and  every year the school has more applicants than available spaces.  Applicants must ensure that all application materials are complete.  The admissions review committee will ONLY review completed applications.  Applicants can see when their application materials are complete and submitted to the School of Social Work by visiting the Graduate School Admission page. 


Application Deadlines

The priority deadline for submitting an application is March 15th of the year in which the applicant desires to begin the program. Applications submitted prior to the application deadline will receive priority consideration.  Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed only if space remains in the MSW program.  


Academic Course Offerings for Non- Social Work Majors

A number of course offerings within the School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi are open to non-majors.  These courses have no pre-requisites and may be excellent choices for electives by non-majors or those persons interested in exploring some aspects of professional social work.  These courses include any of the following elective courses:


  • SWK 511 Spirituality in Social Work Practice
  • SWK 521 Social Work: Complicated Mourning and Grief
  • SWK 606 Global Perspective in Human Rights
  • SWK 652 Seminar in Critical Issues of the Aged
  • SWK 655 Social Work Practice in Child Welfare
  • SWK 676 Social Work Practice in Health Systems
  • SWK 685 Grant Writing in Social Work
  • SWK 686 Social Work Practice in Schools
  • SWK 687 Social Work Practice and Family Violence
  • SWK 695 Human Rights and Social Justice in Jamaica


Interdisciplinary Minor in Gerontology

The School of Social Work participates in the interdisciplinary minor in Gerontology and the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology  Specific requirements and courses available for the minor and the certificate can be found under the “Interdisciplinary Minor and Graduate Certificate in Gerontology” headings of the Southern Miss Graduate Bulletin.


For more information, contact Dr. Jerome Kolbo, MSW Program Coordinator at or, Sherry Gilkey, Graduate Records and Advisement Specialist at


UPDATED:  September, 2013