Speakers' Bureau


Interested in sharing your passion and expertise with one of our social work classes?  Then you need to become a member of our Speaker’s Bureau. 

The purpose of the Speakers’ Bureau is twofold: 

  •  To offer our students the opportunity to meet and learn from “real” social workers – particularly those who are involved directly with current social issues. 
  • To offer practicing social workers the opportunity to return to the classroom and share their knowledge, experience, and passion with the next generation of social workers.

Interested persons should submit their resume, contact information, and a short paragraph describing the area(s) of interest/passion/practice/expertise about which they would like to speak to Dr. Tim Rehner, Director of the School of Social Work at tim.rehner@usm.edu. 

A directory of available speakers and topics/issues will be developed and provided to our faculty who will use it to supplement and enhance classroom learning by facilitating engagement with “real world” social work advocates and experts. 

Membership on the Speakers’ Bureau is totally voluntary and there are no long term obligations or commitments.  When a member is called upon to speak, it will be for only one class meeting at a time, and the member is free to accept or decline the invitation.  Faculty will make every effort to make requests to speakers well in advance of the class meeting date.                             

A comprehensive social work education necessarily requires quality contact/relationship with current professional practitioners in addition to the classroom experience.  We hope that you will become a part of the educational experience of our students by becoming a member of the Speakers’ Bureau. 

Feel free to share this invitation with others.