Transfer Guidelines

What you need to know: The BSW Program

If a student expresses interest in the BSW program at Southern Miss, it is important that they follow the  advisement degree plan (see plan on our website).


Requirements for the BSW Program

  1. Earn a cumulative USM GPA of at least 2.5 or above
  2. Have only 6-9 hours of prerequisite courses remaining from the USM and Social Work Core (see the Advisement Degree Plan used during advisement for a list of all required courses)
  3. Complete the three Introductory Level Social Work courses: (a) SWK 301 which requires a 40 hour volunteer field placement at a social service agency that is arranged with the help of their instructor, (b) SWK 300 and (c) SWK 315
  4. Complete the Human Growth and Development/Developmental Psychology course (PSY 275) and the Human Sexuality Requirement (CHS 430)
  5. Earn a grade of “C” or better in each course that counts toward the BSW degree
  6. Complete MAT 100 or higher


Once prerequisites have been met, a student can progress to the professional level social work courses.  


 After a student has met prerequisite requirements , they will progress through the curriculum with a cohort. The curriculum is relatively rigid and predefined. Courses must be taken according to the following schedule:


1st Semester (9hrs)                                                    

SWK 329 – Interviewing and Recording                    

SWK 330 -- Social Work Practice I                            

SWK 340 – HBSE I Transitions in Early Life


 2nd Semester (12 hrs)                                                 

SWK 331 – Social Practice II                                     

SWK 341 -- HBSE II Transitions in Adulthood          

SWK 420 -- Social Work Research  

SWK elective


 3rd Semester (12hrs)    

SWK 400 – Social Welfare Policy Analysis

SWK 415 – Human Rights and Social Justice            

SWK 493 – Crisis Intervention

SWK elective


4th Semester (12hrs)

SWK 430 – Field Education

SWK 431 – Field Education Seminar

Students must keep in mind that SWK electives can be taken at any point after the 1st semester in the BSW program with the exception of non-practice electives. All other SWK courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters ONLY. To maintain a full time status, 12 hours are required in the fall and spring and 9 hours in the summer. Students can only take SWK 430/431 in their final semester of the program and no other courses can be taken during that final semester.   


Transfer of Credits

There are many courses that will transfer into the social work program. On the Course Descriptions sheet is a list of course descriptions, so that students can more easily recognize the equivalent USM courses at their respective junior/community colleges.  In order for a course to count towards our degree plan, a grade of “C” or better must be earned.  No more than 62 hours can be transferred in from other institutions.


Social Work Requirements (that are transferable)

3 hrs – English Comp I

3 hrs -- English Comp II

3 hrs – College Algebra

8 hrs – 2 lab sciences (any course listed as it is on Category II in the current University bulletin)

3 hrs -- World Literature

3 hrs – World Civ I or II

3 hrs -- World Civ I or II or World Religion or Intro to Philosophy

3 hrs -- Music appreciation or Art Appreciation or Theatre Appreciation or Dance Appreciation

3 hrs – Intro to Psychology/General Psychology

3 hrs – Speech Communication/Oral Communication

3 hrs – Intro to Computers (or similar computer course)

3 hrs – Business Communication/Business Management

3 hrs – Spanish I

3 hrs – Spanish II

3 hrs – Social Problems (Sociology course)

3 hrs – Marriage and Family (Sociology or Family Studies course)

3 hrs – Abnormal or Social Psychology

3 hrs – Human Growth and Development/Developmental Psychology

3 hrs – Human Sexuality


Introductory Level Social Work Courses (must be taken at Southern Miss or CSWE accredited schools of social work)

3 hrs - Introduction to Social Work – SWK 301 – This course requires a 40 hour volunteer field placement that is arranged with the help of the instructor.  The placement agency must provide a licensed social worker to serve as a supervisor.  The supervisor will be required to complete an evaluation for the student.

3 hrs - Social Service Systems – SWK 300

3 hrs - Human Diversity – SWK 315


Social Work courses taken at accredited schools of social work will be considered; students must submit a syllabus and/or course description for each social work course and a final decision will be made by the BSW Coordinator and Director.


Credit for Life Experience

Please note that academic credit for life experience and previous work experience is not given in lieu of the field placement or any other required social work course

  Employment Opportunities

Social Workers are employed in a variety of fields.  A degree in Social Work opens the door to the many different fields of work.  A common myth is that social workers are only employed in agencies such as The Department of Human Services, Economic Assistance, and Public Welfare.  Although these are options, social workers are also employed in such areas as:

ü  Mental Health/Psychiatric Hare

ü  Education/School Systems

ü  Home Health Care and Hospice

ü  Hospitals

ü  Child and Family Welfare Services

ü  Community Development and Planning

ü  Private Practice

ü  Adoption Services

ü  Housing and Economic Assistance

ü  Public and Community Health

ü  Policy Analysis

ü  Developmental Disabilities

ü  Employee Assistance Program


Licensure for Social Workers

The state of Mississippi requires that social workers be licensed.  Before or immediately following graduation undergraduate students can take the LSW exam.  This is given through the Mississippi State Board of Examiners.  After obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work, the graduates can sit for the LMSW exam (Licensed Masters Social Worker).  After 2 years of supervised experience, the individual is eligible to sit for the LCSW exam (Licensed Certified Social Worker). All licensure levels require a written examination.



If you have any questions regarding our program, please contact one of the individuals below:



Delories Williams

BSW Coordinator/Instructor, 601-266-5915


Sherry Gilkey

Academic Advisement Specialist & Student Records, 601-266-4168