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Fall 2016 clients stated:

"This was my first time at the Speaking Center, and it was extremely helpful. I really enjoyed my first experience."

"I think that every student who has a speech should come to the Speaking Center and seek additional help."

"This appointment was very successful and I would happily return to the Speaking Center and recommend it to anyone who is making a presentation or speech."

"This meeting greatly enhanced my ability to produce this speech and be confident in giving it."

"I was very happy with my experience. I got everything done that needed to be done. My tutor was very helpful and explained anything I did not understand and helped me further develop my ideas for my speech."


Johnell, instructor at Southern Miss, attended a Speaking Center workshop with her students and stated:

"I took a group of my students to the Speaking Center in the fall for a workshop on resume building/job seeking. It was so helpful; my students loved it. Friendly staff too"

Deidre, a Southern Miss alum, found our consultants to be helpful and friendly:

"I started using the Speaking Center last semester at Southern Miss. They are very helpful and friendly. At every appointment they made me feel more confident in my speaking whether it was small events or presentations. They help me reach my goals"

Jackie, a student required to prepare and deliver a speech for an assignment, appreciated the guidance she received:

"I just left the Speaking Center. [The consultant] is a gem. He gave me some great tips for the Informative Speech . . . and he's done it again! I feel more confident now following my meeting with him. . . The Speaking Center is a great benefit and . . . a real asset. 

Greg, instructor of English, found our interviewing workshop particularly helpful and informative:

"I brought my class in today for a presentation on conducting interviews, and I just wanted to let you know that the presentation was really helpful--[the consultant] taught my students much more about interviewing than they ever would have learned from me. 

Kara, instructor of the basic public speaking course, was pleased with her students' speeches:

"At the end of each speech day, I ask each student that spoke to give one tip to the others. After the first speech, a few mentioned the center's staff had provided much-needed help in improving their outline and speech and in critiquing their delivery. The number of students utilizing the center has grown over the semester as they've realized other students were reaping the benefits. Afterward, their tip has been, "Go to the speaking center!" Thanks for all that you and your staff do to offer this valuable resource to students.