Developing YOUR Speaking Skills

Consultants at the center are trained to assist people with any range of experience and level of comfort with public speaking. In short, we encourage you to use the Center for your own purposes. Feel free to set up your own appointment to work on on-campus presentations, conference presentations, or lectures. We have a camera in the Center that can capture your presentation and the Coordinator or Director can meet with you to give advice.

A consultant works with an instructor at the CenterYou may also find it helpful to pick up a copy of A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, by O’Hair, Rubenstein, and Stewart. This text has great tips for all kinds of presentations.  It also has a section at the end that discusses particular types of presentations (Science and Math presentations, Arts and Humanities courses, group presentations, etc.). There are reference copies available in the Speaking Center.

Finally, consider participating in the 6-hour Faculty Workshop Series, co-led by the Speaking Center and Writing Center directors. Learn best practices for incorporating speaking and writing assignments into your classes. Find out more about the seminar by contacting