Encourage Your Students to use the Center's services

A professor meets with her studentResearch shows that your students are more likely to attend a Speaking Center session if their professors suggest they do so.  There are several ways you can endorse the Center's services:



Schedule a class visit or center tour. 

We can come in for a 5-10 minute talk and give a general introduction to the Speaking Center. You can also schedule tours of the Speaking Center. To schedule a class visit or tour, please email us at usm.speakingcenter@usm.edu or contact the SC Coordinator at 601.266.4965. Our schedule is limited, so we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Schedule a Speaking Center workshop.

We host a variety of workshops, and we will tailor these services to your needs (depending on availability).  Whether it takes place in our Center workshop room or in your classroom, we can speak in many oral communication topics (e.g., interviewing, basic outlining, delivery, speech anxiety, PowerPoint). We require a minimum of a week of preparation time for workshops.


Encourage (or require) your students to come to the Center as part of the assignment. 

We would love to work with your students one-on-one or in small groups.  If you would like to require a visit, we ask that you share your assignment write-up with us and give us any additional information that you think would be useful so that we can give your students good advice. Please contact our Director, Dr. Laura Stengrim, at laura.stengrim@usm.edu with any questions.

Use our advertising material

We've created this informative handout (.pdf) so you can distribute the information to with your students. Feel free to use the whole presentation or selected slides.



         Speaking Center Survey for Faculty