Make an Appointment

Follow this link for a quick explanation of how to schedule an appointment.


There are three ways you can schedule an appointment at the Center:

  1. Make an appointment online.  This link will open a new window and direct you to our online scheduling service. (First time users must register for a logon name and password.)
  2. Come by the Center and speak with our friendly staff (Cook Library, room 117). We will do our best to accommodate your tight schedule!
  3. Call the Center, and we will find the perfect time for you and your schedule (Phone: 601.266.4965).

For Online and Distance Learners:

To schedule an online appointment, go to the Speaking Center scheduler. If you are new to the Speaking Center, create an account by clicking on “Click here to register.” Once you are registered, sign in and find the date and time for your desired appointment and click on that box.  You will then need to fill out information for your appointment.  You must remember to select “Online Appointment.” Once the appointment is scheduled, your appointment will appear in red. To begin the appointment, log back into the Speaking Center scheduler and click on your appointment once again. Click on "Start or Join Online Consultation" several minutes before your scheduled time to meet the peer consultant online for your appointment.   


Need to be put on the Waiting List?

Appointment scheduler full? Need to try to get in this week? You can use the Waiting List function on our online scheduler to be notified if an appointment time becomes available! Once you are on the day you are wanting an appointment, if you click on the clock (in the upper left corner) a box will appear where you can edit the information to fit what times and/or what consultant you want to work with that day. Once you've signed up for the waiting list, you'll receive a notice when an appointment opens and then you can log in to reserve that newly opened appointment.

Link to the Speaking Center Exit Survey 

A student schedules an appointment at the Center