Meet the Staff

The Southern Mississippi Speaking Center is directed by Dr. Laura Stengrim, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies. The Coordinator, Carley Young, and Assistant Coordinator, Steven Young, oversee the day-to-day operations. The consultant team is composed of graduate and undergraduate students who have all completed our nationally certified (by the National Association of Communication Centers) training program. 



Dr. Laura Stengrim, Director

 Laura Stengrim, Director









Carley Young, Coordinator

Carley Young Carley is an encouraging tutor who always strives to give my clients the confidence to perform their best. She tries to meet the student at their level to help them succeed. Specialties: Informative speeches, interviewing, group presentations, finding sources/information








Steve Young, Assistant Coordinator

Steve is a 2nd year PhD student in Communication Studies from New York. As a consultant, he aims to provide clients with the tools and constructive feedback to create and delivery great speeches. He believes in making the most of each consultation, allowing clients to realize passionate subjects for themselves through discourse before focusing on other elements of the speech process.







Seth Fendley, Graduate Peer Consultant

Seth is a 2nd year PhD student in Communication Studies and a Speech and Debate coach. In his free time, he enjoys disc golf and long car rides. 









Mo Ismail, Graduate Peer Consultant

Mo IsmailCommunication is an essential aspect of life regardless of its format. Thus, Mo's goal is to lead clients toward solidifying a strong and positive foundation for communicating effectively and creatively. During sessions Mo focuses on organizing overarching messages and fine-tuning delivery. He is ecstatic in the prospect of working with future clients! As well as establishing an energetic and comfortable environment that will help clients produce exceptional work that is to their liking and makes them proud.






Rita Nassuna, Graduate Peer Consultant

Rita is a 2nd year PhD student in Communication Studies. In her free time, Rita enjoys jogging, watching figure skating, and reading biographies. 









Lakelyn Taylor, Peer Consultant

Lakelyn is a tutor who tries to get clients interested and excited about their projects. She tries to ensure that every client feels as confident about their assignments as much as she possibly can. Lakelyn tries to use her knowledge about communicating to help clients reach a new level with their assignment. Specialties: Structure, outlining, delivery, visual aids.








Jonathan Bridenbaker, Peer Consultant

When it comes to the speech writing process, Jonathan really likes to emphasize outlining as the most essential step to the process. With a clear outline that shows the link that each body point has to the topic/thesis, the speech writing process becomes so much easier and more organic. He also loves helping to create attention-getters, develop transitions, and construct persuasive speeches.







Anna Goretski, Peer Consultant 

Anna Goretski, Peer-Consultant Anna is a sophomore in Communication studies. She enjoys movies, music, and puzzles; especially those that Disney related. 









Ashley Selzer, Peer Consultant

Ashely Selzer, Peer-Consultant Ashley is a sophomore in Communication Studies and Advertising. She is trained in classical ballet and loves musicals. 









Hannah Claire Lott, Peer Consultant

Hannah Claire Lott, Peer-Consultant Hannah Claire is a junior in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She is an alum of the Disney College Program, has lived in Hawaii, and is obsessed with Qudoba.  









Melissa Mikulec, Peer Consultant

Melissa Mikulec, Peer-Consultant Melissa is a junior in Business Administration. Melissa is obsessed with dogs, spicy foods, and likes watching gymnastics. 









Charles Marshall, Desk Assistant 

Charles Marshall, Desk Assistant Charles is double major in Communication Studies and Theater. He is also a member of the Speech and Debate team.