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Speaking Center

Meet the Staff

The Southern Mississippi Speaking Center is directed by Dr. Laura Stengrim, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies. Coordinator Steven Young oversees the day-to-day operations. The consultant team is composed of graduate and undergraduate students who have all completed our nationally certified (by the National Association of Communication Centers) training program. 


Dr. Laura Stengrim, Director

 Laura Stengrim, Director Laura Stengrim, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies and Director of the Speaking Center. She completed her doctoral degree at the University of Illinois and came to Southern Miss in 2016. 









Steve Young, Coordinator

Steve is a fourth year Communication Studies Ph.D. student from Poughkeepsie, New York. He is an encouraging consultant who keeps his speakers and appointments on topic with a specific focus outlined in the beginning of each session. His areas of specialization include: PowerPoint presentations, intercultural communication, and group appointments.








Rita Nassuna, Graduate Peer Consultant

Rita is fourth year Communication Studies Ph.D. student from Uganda, Africa. She is an extremely knowledgeable consultant who encourages speakers to dig deep down and figure out elements of the speech process for themselves through dialogue. Her areas of specialization include: organization, outlining, and delivery. 







Karen Boger, Graduate Peer Consultant 

Karen Boger, Graduate Peer Consultant

Karen is a second year graduate student in the Department of Communication Studies from Mocksville, North Carolina. She is an engaged worker who is always ready to meet speakers where they are and help them make their experience at the Speaking Center useful, comfortable, and meaningful. Her areas of specialization include: intercultural communication, conference-style presentations, and working with non-conventional speakers.






 Amy Ellefson, Graduate Peer Consultant

Amy Ellefson, Graduate Peer-ConsultantAmy Ellefson is a second-year Communication Studies doctoral student from Omaha, Nebraska. She approaches life with enthusiasm and has a can-do attitude.








Macie Tullier, Peer Consultant

Macie is a junior in the Department of Business Administration from Franklinton, Louisiana. She is a focused, driven, peer consultant who encourages and assists her speakers to create unique, influential speeches. Her areas of specialization include: topic selection, organization, and persuasive speeches.








Madison Seymour, Peer Consultant

Madison Seymour, Peer-Consultant

Madison is a junior in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism from Purvis, Mississippi. She is a motivational consultant whose goal is to help speakers become as comfortable as possible with the speaking process. Her areas of specialization include: organization, delivery, and persuasive speeches. 








Ashleigh Jambon, Peer Consultant

Ashleigh Jambon, Peer-Consultant Ashleigh is a junior in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education from Gretna, Louisiana. She is an energetic consultant who is always encouraging her speakers to look at a task in different ways in order to reach their full potential. Her areas of specialization include: brainstorming, research, and organization.








 Rayshonn Brown, Peer Consultant

 Rayshonn is a junior Psychology major from Lexington, Mississippi. He is a highly motivated consultant who strives to help students become confortable and successful in all areas of communication. 









Alexis Walton, Peer Consultant

Alexis is a sophomore Communication Studies major from Pascagoula, Mississippi. She is a friendly and innovative consultant who is eager to help with any and all speaking assignments.










Amanda McKinney, Peer Consultant

Amanda is a junior interior Design Major from Meridian, Mississippi. She is an attentive, patient consultant that loves helping others achieve their goals.










Nigel Chaney, Peer Consultant

Nigel is a sophomore Communication Studies major from Jackson, Mississippi. He is a great listener and is creative when it comes to helping speakers solve problems.





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