Speaking in Your Discipline

A professor meets with her studentThe basics of oral communication are, for the most part, consistent across disciplines. Knowing the expectations of a particular discipline is an important part of audience adaptation, however. The papers in this series, "Speaking, in my opinion," do not represent official statements from the departments. They do, however, give you valuable information about faculty opinions on effective speaking.

Looking for more information? Contact faculty from your major and ask them to submit "Speaking, in my opinion..." papers to the Speaking Center!

Your Professors:

Communication Studies, Eura Jung (.pdf)

English, Charles Sumner (.pdf)

English, Monika Gehlawat (.pdf)

Foreign Languages and Literature, Laurel Abreu (.pdf)

Foreign Languages and Literature, Carracelas-Juncal (.pdf)

History, Andrew Haley (.pdf)

History, Kyle Zelner (.pdf)

Mass Communication, Fei Xue (.pdf)

Music, Doug Rust (.pdf)

Philosophy and Religion, Ben Hardman (.pdf)

Philosophy and Religion, Amy Slagle (.pdf)

Political Science, Kate Greene (.pdf)

Political Science, Bob Press (.pdf)

Theater, Monica Hayes (.pdf)