What We Do

Trained in our nationally certified training program, our peer-consultants will help you advance your oral presentation skills, regardless of the context.  Our consultants help clients improve their CMS 111 speeches, capstone presentations, and even thesis and dissertation defenses.  Further, we can also help you present yourself professionally during job interviews, conference presentations, and other off-campus speaking engagements.

We fulfill this mission by clearly identifying each client's specific needs, which often means addressing issues concerning organization and delivery.  Each step of the way, our goal is to improve your ability to produced effective oral presentations, all the while pushing you toward a higher level of professionalism.

When you schedule our services you will meet with a consultant for up to 50 minutes.  During this session we will assist you through whatever part of the process you are currently working (e.g., topic selection, research possibilities, organizing ideas, outlining, delivery, PowerPoint, and articulation).  Available to you are practice rooms equipped with visual-aid displays, laptops, and video cameras.  If you prefer to practice alone, you may schedule a room for private practice. 

Schedule these services using any one of three methods: calling 601-266-4965, visiting the center in Cook Library room 117 (along the same 1st floor wall as Starbucks and the Writing Center), or accessing our online schedule here: http://usm.mywconline.com/. 

A consultant helps students preparing of a small group presentation